Cascade Series Flake Ice Makers

a trusted name with expanded capacities

The Cascade Series by North Star is an expansion of the original North Star flake ice maker line that has been trusted in the industry since 1950. The Cascade Series includes a line of durable, commercial grade flake ice makers for industrial applications.

  • Offering both stainless steel and chrome freezing surfaces, for any application
  • Production capacities ranging from 1,100 lbs to 11 US tons per 24 hours
  • Available for use with all modern and natural refrigerants
  • ASME & CE compliant
  • Ice thickness can be varied in the field by changing the speed of the rotor.
  • Built for industrial use with high-quality, heavy-duty parts.
  • Constructed to ASME code for 377 PSIG working pressure.
  • Designed with a stationary double-walled evaporator and no sealed bearings.
  • Limited moving parts means minimal wear and tear
  • Operates continuously with no defrost cycles. All energy used goes to making ice.
  • Recirculates any water overflow back to the water tank so no water is lost. The patented drip shield ensures that no water falls into the ice storage bin.
  • Designed with an attached insulated accumulator to provide accurate refrigerant level control and complete separation of liquid and gas refrigerant. (Also available as a forced recirculation system with no accumulator).

Helpful Technical Information

Use the Capacity Calculator below to size the correct ice maker for your project. Download helpful brochures, specification sheets, and other technical data in our Resources Library.

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We ship and install equipment worldwide

We ship and install
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