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North Star is the world leader in manufacturing flake ice machines, liquid slurry ice machines, ice storage bins and ice delivery systems. Over the years, we have developed many innovative products that are designed to optimize North Star equipment in any application. Our Control Panels, Small Capacity Storage Tanks (Buffer Tanks), Automatic Salinity Control Systems (ASCS), and Ice Slingers were all built to optimize different ice systems, automate workflow functions, and save you time and labor so you can worry about more important parts of your business. 



North Star offers additional equipment that can be used individually or in conjunction with our ice makers, storage, and delivery systems. Learn more about our other products available below:

Control Panels

Control panelsControl Panels are typically purchased with each ice maker. They can also be custom designed to operate a fully integrated ice plant that includes the ice maker, automatic ice storage system, and ice delivery system. 

Buffer Tanks & Case Ice Dispensers

Buffer tankBuffer Tanks can be used individually to provide temporary storage for any industry. They can also be paired with ice makers and ice delivery equipment for a fully integrated system. 

Automatic Salinity Control System (ASCS)

Automatic salinity control systemAutomatic Salinity Control Systems (ASCS) are designed to work in conjunction with North Star ice makers. An ASCS eliminates the guesswork and physical labor that comes with maintaining ice maker salt levels.

Ice Slingers

Ice slingerIce Slingers can be used alone or simultaneously with ice makers and ice storage systems to quickly deliver ice to hard to reach places.

Helpful Technical Information

Use the Capacity Calculator below to size the correct ice maker for your project. Download helpful brochures, specification sheets, and other technical data in our Resources Library.

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We ship and install equipment worldwide

We ship and install
equipment worldwide

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