Saving Time and Money

North Star Automatic Salinity Control Systems (ASCS) regulate the salinity of the water used in the ice making process, improves ice quality, and enhances flake ice maker performance, saving you time and money.

Equipment Features

Automatic salinity control system

Standard Features & Benefits

  • The automated system reduces labor spent monitoring salt levels and refilling salt tank
  • Accurate control of make-up water salinity ensures better ice maker performance and superior quality ice flakes 
  • Improved removal of ice from freezing surface promoting better ice quality
  • Minimizes maintenance costs by eliminating chatter and vibration to ice maker components
  • Ability to control salt content in process mix or finished products
  • Uses up to 2/3 less salt than makeshift systems
  • Simple, turn-key system is easy to operate and install in remote locations or retrofit to existing systems
  • Extends the life of your ice maker and complete return on investment in a couple years

Automatic salinity control system

System Components

  • Saturated Salt Feeder Tank - tank for salt and brine make-up
  • Float Tank - regulates water level in both tanks
  • Peristaltic Feed Pump - delivers brine to the ice maker water tank
  • Salinity Sensor - monitors salinity in ice maker water tank
  • Controller - monitors the sensor and activates the feed pump to ensure consistent salinity levels


  • 30 Gallon or 100 Gallon 
  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel Stand
  • Additional components available for monitoring up to 3 ice maker water tanks with one ASCS

Helpful Technical Information

Use the Capacity Calculator below to size the correct ice maker for your project. Download helpful brochures, specification sheets, and other technical data in our Resources Library.

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We ship and install
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