Carbon Steel

Since 1950, North Star flake ice makers have served industries all over the world requiring large volumes of flake ice for product cooling, manufacturing processes, and winter recreation.

Designed and built for dependability and efficient operation, North Star ice makers produce more ice than any other ice maker using an equally rated compressor, and convert all water to ice with no water loss. Most importantly, the ice maker operates continuously with no defrost cycles and makes superior subcooled flake ice for fast heat transfer.

Equipment Features

Carbon steel flake ice makers

Solid Carbon Steel Freezing Surface

  • High heat transfer rate
  • Uses less energy to produce more ice
  • Will not chip, flake or pit under normal operating conditions with minimal proper care
  • Corrosion-resistant while kept below freezing or with minimal care

Heavy-duty industrial design and components

  • Built for long life with continuous operation
  • Constructed to 150 PSIG working pressure ASME code with inspection and test certificates furnished

Makes sub-cooled flake iceIce maker delivery

  • Superior surface area coverage for faster, more efficient cooling
  • Free-flowing, easy to move and store

Lifetime evaporator warranty

  • Dependable and built to last
  • The best in the industry


Find the right model of North Star ice maker for your application using the
chart below or our Capacity Calculator.

  • Model 40


    22.8 T
    20.7 MT


    75 in
    1905 mm


    56 in
    1422 mm


    83 in
    โ€‹2108 mm

  • Model 60


    38.0 T
    34.5 MT


    81 in
    2057 mm


    76 in
    1930 mm


    107 in
    โ€‹2718 mm

  • Model 90


    53.5 T
    48.5 MT


    105 in
    2667 mm


    76 in
    1930 mm


    109 in
    โ€‹2769 mm

*Capacity in US tons (T) and metric tons (MT) of ice per 24 hours based on -25ºF (-32ºC) evaporator temperature, ammonia refrigerant, 1.5mm ice thickness, and 60° F (16° C) water supply temperatures. For other requirements and conditions consult North Star. Specifications subject to change without notice.

**Overall height requirements vary upon installation. Contact North Star for more information.

Helpful Technical Information

Use the Capacity Calculator below to size the correct ice maker for your project. Download helpful brochures, specification sheets, and other technical data in our Resources Library.

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We ship and install equipment worldwide

We ship and install
equipment worldwide

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